a) Goals and Objectives.


Goal 1) To give  children with ASD or communication disorders access to high quality, appropriate education in order to reach their maximum potential.

Objective 1 – To develop a curriculum appropriate for children with ASD of communication disorders, relevant to the local community

Objective 2 – To set up classroom and school environment with appropriate structures and resources to give children

Objective 3 – To work with parents to continue structure at home

Goal 2) To train staff to become experts in Autism so they can teach in the Foundation and offer outreach services to other schools

Objective 1 – To recruit teachers with the passion to develop expertise in working with children Autism and other disabilities,

Objective 2 – To recruit support staff who are committed to working with the TEACCH structure, helping children with all aspects of their education including personal care, sensory needs and academic development.

Goal 3) To give parents and the local community access to resources and information to develop Autism Awareness in Accra

Objective 1 – To develop training room for parents and extended family members to help the community understand disabilities and give parents support to educate and manage their children

Objective 2) To give children a holistic education through partnerships with parents to develop parent’s skills in dealing with their disabled children

b) Clientele


All the children who will attend the Rex Yankey Otoo Foundation will have been diagnosed by a Paediatrician with autism with a moderate to severe Learning Disability, or children with complex or severe learning difficulties.  The pupils will be able to start at the REYO foundation at 3 years old and can stay until they are 12 years old.

c) Methods


The Primary methods for achieving the goals and the objectives of this Project will be:

-       The creation of the Rex Yankey Otoo Foundation will give the community a focal point for providing information on disability and train and educate children with disabilities through a school and training room.

-       The development of a school for children on the Autistic Spectrum with moderate to severe learning difficulties.

An action plan will be written to help the Foundation achieve its vision of developing students’ individual talents in a supporting and nurturing environment where they can achieve their maximum potential.  Pupils may then move on to be valuable, contributing, participating members of society.