Ghana is an underdeveloped West African Country with a population of about 23.9 million.

The main hospital where children are assessed and diagnosed with autism or a learning difficulty is in Accra.  On average 2 – 3 children a week are diagnosed with a form of speech delay / leaning difficulty.  Most area in the villages are virtually not reached at all, and children with disabilities are isolated and the families are stigmatised.

There are only a few private special schools for ASD  set up in Accra.  Their intake is very small and it is very expensive.  The majority the Ghanaian population cannot afford this, therefore special education is out of their reach.

Mainstream schools are not able to give children with special needs access to the curriculum.  There is general lack of awareness, and teachers do not have the training or expertise to work with children with special and complex needs.  These children, when they are very challenging, are permanently excluded from school and have to stay at home with their parents. 

The parents are then left to cope alone, angry, stressed and frustrated.  They are unable to work, unable to complete day to day activities such as shopping, cooking and cleaning, in the case  where their special needs child requires  constant supervision.  There is also loss of income to most families as they fail to secure the right childcare for their kids to enable them work.