The Foundations was set up by the parents of a severely autistic child. Through  years of experience in bringing up  their son, they acquired  an indepth understanding of the stressful lives and hardships most families with special needs face. During their hard times, they made changes in lifestyle and gave up a lot to help Special Needs children in Africa who were deprived of support due to social stigma.

The vision for the Rex Yankey-Otoo(REYO) Foundation is to develop students’ individual talents in a nurturing environment where they can develop and achieve their maximum potential.  Pupils may then move on to be valuable and contributing  members of society.

New centres will be set up in the future within REYO Paddock School to help individuals in the Mainstream Schools who have mild learning difficulties but find it hard to cope and pass examinations or gain skills for the future.

Parents and carers will be invited by the school to take part in the planning and development of their children. They will also receive support help their kids in the home environment.

Rex in Paddock

The Foundation strives  to provide children in Africa, with the high standard special needs education which is available to children in the UK and US  through its REYO Paddock School. Our special needs children may have very high intelligence, but what  they need is a special kind of education and support  that will address their needs, unlock their potential to develop.

We strive to provide a special needs education that will incorporate the lifestyle and culture of the Ghanaian and African community.

Our aim is also to have a positive outlook on special needs, which will boost our determination to work as a team to get the best out of all our special needs and vulnerable children.







Facilities at the school  includes:

  • Classrooms set up with TEACCH work stations.


Using the PECS System and Schedules.

  • Child friendly, special needs resource library, where kids who love reading could sit in a relaxed environment and enjoy their reading.

  • A state of the art multi-sensory room, equiped with modern sensory equipment and bubble tubes. Cooling light effects from the tubes, other multi lighting systems together with a background of classical and soothing music, creates a calm, stimulating and underwater environment for our special kids.

  • Music Therapy will be part of our curriculum, using a variety of musical equipment including the piano, keyboard, flute/recorder, guitar etc
  • ICT room will be resourced with touch screen computers together with other assistive technology software to allow the kids to learn through play and computerised interaction.
  • Therapy corners for multi therapy input.
  • Soft play room for play and Occupational therapy.